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It has been a long few years for me.  And, it looks like, for this group.

To get the boring stuff out of the way first, I think it's obvious that most of the people approving comic submissions are gone.  This is a sad state, but life does tend to get in the way despite my comic's name.  I was friends with BlopNutz on FB for more than a few years as we drifted away from DA, but he has vanished from there as well, and I have no news.  I am still acquaintances with NobleSavage but he seems to be on to different things, as we all have been.

Alright, to the exciting stuff.  As I am back (I don't know for how long) I'll be approving contributors and changing some rules in the group as much as possible in order to survive another founder meltdown and contributor hiatus.

First thing, we need some new contributors.  Contributors can freely submit content on a whim.  And I'm going to see if I can make it so contributors can vote for member content submissions.  I'm sure that's easy as a few buttons.  Basically, I'll see if I can give the Contributors all the power us Co-Founders have, or at last as much as I possible can.  If you think you can vote for quality content submitted by members while still pushing out superb content of your own, reply to this with some links.

If you're seeing this entry, that means I've managed to get at least some controlling power as a lowly CO-founder and I've managed to skirt around the voting system set in place.

CUM ONE CUM ALL!  We are looking for fresh meat that draws comics and makes other meat shake with laughter!  If you apply as a contributor this week your application will only require ONE vote instead of the usual four.  Bring your comics and show at least one person you can make them laugh, and you will get to do it over, and over, and over, and over until you DIE. Those with Contributor status get to bypass voting when submitting to the gallery!
This group is for comics in english only!  Submitting comics in other languages will result in you getting blocked.
If you have ANY QUESTIONS about the submission process or what types of comics are more likely to get through, this is a good place to start.  You can read this or just skip it and ask.

When you join the group you agree to a few conditions:

First, that you've read the rules of submission.  If you're unsure that you're comic will be accepted, go and check out which ones got through.  Does your comic fit into that kind of humor?  Is yours complete and legible?  Then we welcome your submission!  We do have a wide range of comics that make it through, from Family Friendly Cardboard Pieces to the downright offensive and politically incorrect.  As long as it's FUNNY.  That's all we're really looking for.

Things that generally don't get through are pencil sketches, doodles, comics with arrows having to explain what things are in the frame, or journal comics (the ones you make to explain your day, week, month, year).  But there have been exceptions.

Other things:

If you comic is voted down, better luck next time.  If you honestly think there was a mistake made, by all means bring it up to the group, but accept the final decision.  This is a voter driven group, anything can be submitted and voted on.  Please just accept the decision of the hive mind.  Remember that your comic still gets views at time of voting and even if it doesn't go in the gallery your efforts weren't wasted.

If your comic was voted down but no comments were made on it (constructive criticism, praise, etc.) please, don't resubmit.  It only makes us crazy and discussion starts going around the back rooms about banning people.  We don't want that.  We've never banned anyone and we really don't want to.

If you get upset and want to leave the group, please do so without trying to cause problems.  While most people can ignore stupid comments made by upset people, some people can't and we don't want a flame war started.  If something like this gets out of control, we'll just hide the comments in attempt to keep the peace.

Still have questions?

So the best Halloween comic this weekend in my opinion is my own

just kidding

its this one here

the joke comes through in one cell and in black and white... im a big fan of one-liners.  The only downside is someone not familiar with Freddy Kruger might not get it but i'm sure thats very few because he haunts all our dreams.

And im sorry I couldnt post the thumbnail, apparently you can only do that in a super group.  Maybe we should start looking into that.